Poems 2017

Lightly Salted ( Haiku)

Salt of the Earth – You!
Light of the world. That’s you too.
Act like you mean it.

Anger ( Haiku)

Is anger a sin?

“Be angry but do not sin,”

Said Saint Paul. So no.

Lust (Haiku)

I see her, and think:

What can the girl do for me?

That is lust, not love.

Oaths (Haiku)

In court? Then do this:

Swear truth on the book that says

Do not swear on books.

Retaliation (Haiku)

An eye for an eye

A tooth for a tooth leads to

A toothless blind world

Revenge Again (Haiku)

Revenge tastes so sweet,

“But that’s not God’s way,” He said

“Love your enemies.”

Give, Fast, Pray (Haiku)

Give, pray, fast. Begin

from your secret place. All for

the glory of God.

Seek ye first… (Haiku)

To follow Jesus:

Do not seek your comfort, seek

the kingdom of God.