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Páramo woolly baby donkey in Chimborazo, Ecuador
Páramo woolly baby donkey in Chimborazo, Ecuador (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please note:

Due to a technical error on the old blog sites the links to these previous blogs can no longer be accessed. I shall be reblogging those I can access on this site, using the tag #wibsite, starting in April 2018.

I have, or have had, other blogs.

My latest venture is as webmaster of the Kirklees Autism Group and its website AutusmKirklees@org.uk

The Adventures of Xote is the blog of my plush stuffed toy donkey. When I leave the computer on the toy donkey posts his own blog, mostly impressions on places or events we have visited. As far as I am aware this is the best blog written by a toy plush donkey on the web…

…unless you know differently, please let me know.

I ran that blog site alongside this one but at the time it was taking up too much time, so in order to concentrate on this blog and work full time I merged the two sites.

making an ass of myself is the old version of this blog. Posted on The Wibsite, which was a blogging community many of whom were people who post on, or have posted on the Forum Ship of Fools. Unfortunately the Wibsite was closed down in May 2013 due to bandwidth problems and spam. It was attracting a LOT of spam. The Wibsite still exists in an archived form, but all images, all replies and the ability to reply have been stripped away.

These archived blogs also include earlier articles from St Pixels, when it had a blogging facility. I started blogging after an accident in 2006 under the subheading Diary of an Accident Victim. These are all preserved on the old Making an ass of myself blog above. St Pixels is an experimental online church which presented services on most days on a Facebook app, now gone, has a Facebook page, The blog page which had archived wervices is also gone.

I hope to eventually republish the accident recovery blogs on this site.

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