Goodbye social cycling

(sorry about the self-pity) Well I tried. I tried riding with Huddersfield’s Cyclist Touring Club (or should that be Cycling UK, they’ve re-branded) and I have failed. Failed to keep up. Failed to enjoy the ride. Since the diagnosis with type 2 diabetes I have found the nausea that builds up through this level of exercise […]

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Going cycle crazy.

It looks like the world is going cycle crazy. Or at least my little corner of it. Leeds, where I work is where in a week’s time Le Grand Depart of the Tour de France will take place. Huddersfield, where I live, has the route the tour will take through the town decked in bunting […]

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The Sky’s the limit

I haven’t made a cycling blog for a while, so here goes. Saturday I went out for a bit of a ride. The weather was good, so dressed in my best MAMIL* attire I set off for a bit of a tootle round. It wasn’t long before I saw some more cyclists on the road. […]

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Killed by one punch…

Two things I have blogged about. Cycling and Asperger’s. Well not so much Asperger’s, only one previous blog on that. But the two came together in an article in Metro, Wednesday 26th February and on the letters page the following day. The story was bout the light sentence a man had receives for killing another […]

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Sometimes I look up at the sky and wonder, “Is there intelligent life on other planets?” I don’t get out cycling nearly enugh as I’d like, and the chance of combining a ride with a chance to see some shooting stars, with the Earth going through the Perseid cloud there’s no better time to go […]

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I love careful drivers

It is over seven years since my accident, but still these stories catch my attention. The latest was a story in Wednesday’s Metro about a lady who had killed a cyclist whilst adjusting her sat-nav and driving blind for 20 seconds. She is being prosecuted for causing death by careless driving, Why not manslaughter? That […]

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