Wise men?

They were right to do what hey did, these wise men,
To go to see Herod in Jerusalem.

That is where kings lived, so if you wanted to find the child born King of the Jews you would be wise if the first place you went was to the palace of the capital of Judea, where the King of the Jews lived.

Even if the King of the Jews was someone like Herod.

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Father of the groom

On Saturday 15th October my son Matthew married Lois Cameron. A good service, as they met through their church, The Ark, Huddersfield, and the service was at ours, Holy Trinity Huddersfield, there were a lot of people there who knew about how to sing in church, a good noise. And the reception was good too. The […]

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Goodbye social cycling

(sorry about the self-pity) Well I tried. I tried riding with Huddersfield’s Cyclist Touring Club (or should that be Cycling UK, they’ve re-branded) and I have failed. Failed to keep up. Failed to enjoy the ride. Since the diagnosis with type 2 diabetes I have found the nausea that builds up through this level of exercise […]

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Are you sure?

Holy Trinity Huddersfield, 17 April 2016 We learnt from vicar Mike Wilkins at the Church Annual Meeting today that the congregation had grown. Some have come from other churches, but a few are new to church or have not attended for some time. He said that filling in the numbers for the powers that be […]

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Last prayers

Today was my last day reading the intercessions in church. At least the last for now. All our rotas come to an end in two weeks time. We are moving on to having two Sunday morning services, one more traditional with organ music at 9am and one less traditional with a worship band (guitars, drums […]

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10 years

I believe in healing 40 blogs of Lent, day 29 I believe in healing. I’m just not a very good example of it. I believe that God heals because I have been there when people have been healed. I believe God heals because in the past I have been prayed for and I was healed. I […]

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