New toy

This is it. It is a new cymbal, for the technically minded it is a Sabian Pro Studio 17″ crash. Neighbours beware.

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Why I am a musician

It is down to my mother. Mum never, as far as I know, ever played a musical instrument, or even showed any desire to do so, but she sang and sang. She sang when doing the housework and sang along with the radio. She did stop singing now and again, to watch cricket, or to […]

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… or how to grow a congregation. Like it or not, music is important in the life of a local church. It is one of the things that helps congregations to grow, and also one of the things that divides. Getting the negative bit out of the way, forcing a congregation into a style of music […]

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Too many tenors

One of the delights of pop music is it is easy to sing along to. And catch: Many are the earworms I have been unable to shake from my head. The problem is that for years I have been unable to sing along. My singing voice is in too low a register. Too many tenors […]

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Why is it just the singers?

Television that is. The singer takes it all is the latest talent show on British television. It is more openly a karaoke show than other shows and a lot cheesier than other shows on offer. It is never going to have the ratings of the X Factor or The Voice, it is on a Friday […]

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