Know pain, know gain

Warning: This blog contains some strong language, some honest language. If you cannot stand this I suggest you read no further — or grow up. Tuesday morning  4am I should be asleep. My brain says sleep, my eyes water with the effort of staying open and I have work to do tomorrow. That’s arthritis for … More Know pain, know gain

9 years

Happy ninth birthday to walking with a stick. Happy ninth birthday to having pain all day, everyday. Happy ninth birthday to waking in pain (sometimes earlier than I wish), and going to sleep in pain (often later than I wish). But life is good. There are a lot of people in a far worse condition … More 9 years

8 years of pain

8 years ago last Friday was the day of the accident. The accident that left me with arthritis and constant pain. I say that the accident left me with arthritis, the official version is that there was no way of saying that the foot would not develop arthritis in the six years from the accident, … More 8 years of pain