What Would Donald Trump Do? I do not know, I really, really do not know. It is easy to judge a politician by his rhetoric, ever one who has only recently had to reluctantly admit that he is a politician. And many are doing. But I am waiting. I am waiting for President Donald Trump … More WWDTD


It is that time of year again, as St Valentine’s day approaches when the advertising media focuses on love. Sorry, not love, sentimentality. See what I mean? (And as a Yorkshireman I have to declare those roses are the wrong colour.) The main thing I dislike about St Valentine’s day is the way that it excludes single … More Valentine


40% Or did he say 40? No I’m sure it was 40% Even if it was 40, out of 150 it is a significant number, over 26%. That is the number of Psalms which are laments. I can remember the other number, the number of lamenting songs out of the most popular 150 Christian songs … More 88+

21 again

I’m 21 years old again. Actually this weekend I turned 63, but that’s like being 21 three times isn’t it? When I was born in the UK 21 was the age you officially became an adult. The first 21 That took me from birth through primary school (two different infant schools and then two junior … More 21 again

Know pain, know gain

Warning: This blog contains some strong language, some honest language. If you cannot stand this I suggest you read no further — or grow up. Tuesday morning  4am I should be asleep. My brain says sleep, my eyes water with the effort of staying open and I have work to do tomorrow. That’s arthritis for … More Know pain, know gain