Every year the trooping of the colour upsets me. Not that I am against Royalty or pageantry. It isn’t about people or horses. Its about weasels. Every year the BBC goes to it’s weasel cupboard and gets the most weasely commentators out to deal with a royal event in the way the BBC does worst: … More Weasels

Do Science to it

Science is wonderful. These are just some of the amazing discoveries of 2015. You can be in two places at once. Yes you can be in two places at once[1], or be in two different states at the same time. Not just at the minute level of sub-atomic particles, which has been part of accepted … More Do Science to it

Bath time

Breathe deep. Take a deep breath through your nose, hold your breath and savour the aroma. Now breathe out. That is the scent of a blogger who is freshly bathed in Radox. That’s not just any bubble bath, that is Radox MEN muscle therapy bath soak. That is right, MEN, uppercase MEN. this is a … More Bath time

What a Guy

Dear ISIS. Please note the masks on those Anonymous people who have been taking your sites down. Do you know who that is? Guy Fawkes, a member of a gang  who attempted to blow up parliament in 1605. Were they successful? The Palace of Westminster, also known the Houses of Parliament, is still there, that’s … More What a Guy


Civil war. Why do they call it civil war? It us not that there is anything civil about any war, especially a civil war. I can imagine something like this: “Excuse me, old chap, but I’m afraid I have to shoot you.” “No problem old boy, unless I get you first. “Well it’s back to … More Civil?

My super power

An ice breaker to get people talking to each other is to ask ‘What super power would you like to possess?’Answers that come back are usually something from the comic books: To run faster than a speeding train, To leap tall buildings at a single bound, To be able to see through solid walls, I … More My super power

Pictures from Morocco

Pictures from Morocco First come lessons about the Arabic language, remember that you read from right to left. Can you pronounce the name of this soft drink? Or pronounce this ethnic Burber restaurant? In Morocco the buildings are happy. And they grow the most amazing crops: Here is where they grow goats on trees, these … More Pictures from Morocco