Every year the trooping of the colour upsets me.

Not that I am against Royalty or pageantry. It isn’t about people or horses.

Its about weasels.

BBC Commentator for Royal Events

Every year the BBC goes to it’s weasel cupboard and gets the most weasely commentators out to deal with a royal event in the way the BBC does worst: With weasels.

It’s the deferential tone, the “they must not be criticised” crawly tone, trying to get where no weasel has the right to go.

The Royal Family are in a position of great privilege power and authority, I am not begrudging them that. But with great power comes great responsibility, as Spiderman’s dad  once said.

Elizabeth II has come out pretty well on the responsibility stakes. Unlike some of her predecessors. Does anyone want to put the case that George IV was a responsible King? No? I thought not.

At least the Red Button had a commentary free version, why not make the commentary the digital alternative?

Please BBC, keep your weasels for Springwatch. The weasel kits on there this last week were gorgeous.

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