Worship and Being Autistic

I loved this.

It’s about Easter, but relevant to being autistic in church all year round,

Musings of An AfterThought

Wow-Yesterday was Easter. Until this year, arguably one of the most heavily packed church seasons. A day that typically, any autistic would be super nervous about since 1) there is an overload of sensory stimulants from increased volume of people, food (honestly things that smell horrible) and energies; 2) it is hard to read people on what their doing because it is a holiday and neurotypical people like to communicate differently on these type of days and 3) did I mention the sensory stuff? Did I? OK-just checking.

As my previous blog discussed, my son colored in my Bible. And part of our discussion came up about what we worship. We determined that while the Bible is sacred and holy, we do not worship it, the paper that it is on or the people who wrote it. We are called to worship God. And it got me thinking– what would…

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“I can’t breathe” and the Fires of Pentecost | The Millennial Pastor

I saw this and I am reblogging it as this is a good Christian response to what has become a worldwide protest “I can’t breathe” If you have been paying attention to the news at all this week, you will know that this is a quote from George Floyd. George Floyd was killed by a …

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The Holy Spirit, past present and future

The Holy Spirit in three tenses A lot of teaching in Christianity comes in three tenses: Past, present and future. Take Salvation,  we can say that we have been saved (either when we made a commitment to Jesus, when we were baptised or 2,000 years ago at the annunciation/crucifixion/ascension &mdash: choose your theology), we are …

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