It would take extreme circumstances for aluminium to ignite, but the conditions in Grenfell Tower were nothing if not extreme.

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Everyone loses

There are no winners. The UK General Election 2017 that is. Prime Minister Theresa May called a General Election to be held just eleven days before the Brexit negotiations were about to start. There was no need to call one, her party had a majority in the House of Commons. Whatever her motives were it […]

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Two days ago I blogged on terrorism. Today I am numb. A suicide bomber has targeted a pop concert in Manchester. At the last count 22 have been killed, the youngest an 8 year old girl. My prayers are with the victims, their families and the people of Manchester. But we do not hate. Hate […]

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Today the radio news announced that the main political parties are to suspend campaigning in respect to MP Jo Cox, who was murdered by a right wing extremist one year ago. My question to the media is this. Why do you use the word terrorist for extremists from within the Muslim communities, but not for […]

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W.M.M.D? What may May do? She took me by surprise, I was not expecting that at all. Theresa May has called a General Election. After constantly saying that this government would go full term, she has suddenly announced an election. It seems that unlike our previous female Prime Minister, this lady is for turning. I […]

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What Would Donald Trump Do? I do not know, I really, really do not know. It is easy to judge a politician by his rhetoric, ever one who has only recently had to reluctantly admit that he is a politician. And many are doing. But I am waiting. I am waiting for President Donald Trump […]

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Defriending Christians

Anti-social media Following the brexit vote, I friend of mine made this announcement on Facebook: Seems a lot of Christians on here, when it comes to politics, have temporarily forgotten what “love your neighbour as yourself” means… So I have had to temporarily unfollow some folks due to that… A sad indictment. Some of the […]

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