Diagnosis doubtful

Diagnosis is not imminent. The BBC this weekend featured a story that one health authority in England is to restrict diagnosis for autism to  the most severe cases, whatever that means. Who decides the most severe before diagnosis? Isn’t that what diagnosis is about? Story here. As an adult I have been told, after being strongly … More Diagnosis doubtful


I saw a man talking to himself last Saturday. It was just outside Huddersfield bus station at 12.30 in the early afternoon. I thought it was a little early for being drunk, until I had got passed. He was not staggering and tucked behind his left ear was a hearing aid. I wonder if he … More Respect

Know pain, know gain

Warning: This blog contains some strong language, some honest language. If you cannot stand this I suggest you read no further — or grow up. Tuesday morning  4am I should be asleep. My brain says sleep, my eyes water with the effort of staying open and I have work to do tomorrow. That’s arthritis for … More Know pain, know gain


You are clearly a tolerant person, who is thoughtful about the needs of other people. So says a quiz on the Guardian web site. So it must be right — uch to the dismay of those who know me. The quiz was called are you as nice as you think you are, so that would … More Tolerance

10 years

I believe in healing 40 blogs of Lent, day 29 I believe in healing. I’m just not a very good example of it. I believe that God heals because I have been there when people have been healed. I believe God heals because in the past I have been prayed for and I was healed. I … More 10 years