It would take extreme circumstances for aluminium to ignite, but the conditions in Grenfell Tower were nothing if not extreme.

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The year of the negative

The year the music died Goodbye 2016 This last year has been dominated by negative news. There was the endless procession of the deaths of celebrities who died this year, for me, a strong follower of progressive rock, or prog, was the deaths of both Keith Emerson and Greg Lake of Emerson Lake and Palmer […]

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Sad news

Sad news today is that a local MP has been murdered in her constituency. Jo Cox, Labour MP for Batley and Spen had been holding a constituency surgery in Birstall when she was stabbed, shot and left bleeding. She later died. She has left a husband and two small children. I cannot understand how someone could […]

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Donald Trump’s Bible

Abide with me 40 blogs of Lent, day 21 An interesting week for Christianity between the 14th and 21st February this year. Pope Francis has said that people like American Presidential hopeful Donald Trump, who want to build walls instead of bridges, are not Christian. Trump responded, “No leader, especially a religious leader, should have […]

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Save Huddersfield A&E

They want to close our A&E department. Which will leave emergency care in Halifax the closest emergency department. Note for people outside the UK, A&E stands for Accident and Emergency, otherwise known as Casualty or in other places Emergency Room or ER. The two sites are only a few miles apart, but there is a […]

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To split or not to split

The Anglican communion is about to split. Or so says yesterday’s Guardian newspaper[1]. It says that African bishops will walk out of the Primates Meeting in Canterbury next week over the issue of gay rights. It yet another example of the press giving out speculation as news, the meeting does not start until Monday. Not only that, but […]

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Pay the fine

There’s a popular sermon illustration that goes something like this: God in the gospel, we sometimes say, is like a judge who has a guilty party before him at the bar, and he pronounces the sentence—whether it is five years in jail, a $10,000 fine, or whatever.  Then the judge steps down from the bench, […]

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