Pay the fine

There’s a popular sermon illustration that goes something like this:

God in the gospel, we sometimes say, is like a judge who has a guilty party before him at the bar, and he pronounces the sentence—whether it is five years in jail, a $10,000 fine, or whatever.  Then the judge steps down from the bench, takes off his robes, and takes the person’s place in prison or writes out a check for the fine.  And we say, ‘This is what the Christian gospel is all about.  It is substitution.’

The illustration recently came true as a Magistrate paid part of an asylum seeker’s fine.

Nigel Allcoat took this because the asylum seeker. on 36 a week with no chance of working, had no way of paying the fine. A fine humanitrian act. The fine was mandatoty and there was no option not to apply it.

But here’s the twist. He has been suspended.

The Ministry of so called Justice strikes again.

The story in the Huffington Post

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