Do Science to it

Science is wonderful.

These are just some of the amazing discoveries of 2015.

You can be in two places at once.

Yes you can be in two places at once[1], or be in two different states at the same time. Not just at the minute level of sub-atomic particles, which has been part of accepted theory for some time, but at a macro observable level.

I’m off to the pet shop to buy a Schrödinger’s Cat…

On second thoughts, an animal that is both alive and dead will want feeding whilst whiffing considerably. Better rethink this.

You can unboil an egg.

shark manScientists have returned the proteins in a hen’s egg that was boiled for 20 minutes to their original form[2]. Impressive except that the process uses urea, a constituent or urine. So if you send back your breakfast boiled egg saying you want it poacked, do not then complain that it tastes of …

How to get ahead.

Get ahead, you need one, was a bumper sticker from the ’70s. Soon it could be true as scientists have made creatures grow the heads of other species[3]. So far it is only flatworms, but you never know.

Expect more inventions that necessity was not parent to in 216.



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