A Rotten Councillor

A Rotten Councillor

My old blog balaam.wibsite.com can no longer be accessed.

Using the Wayback machine I am trying to save whatever can be saved, There are no images available for these old blogs.

This blog is from 3 May 2012

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England.

On Christmas Day 1977, the Sex Pistols played their last UK concert at Ivanhoes, Huddersfield. For years the punk scene survived in this northern town, long after it had faded in the rest of the country. Though it has now been changed into Lidl Supermarket, the front wall of Ivanhoes still stands as an icon to the time of punk rock.

Which brings me to today.  The Green candidate for our ward in the council elections is John Lydon Phillips.

It seems right that Huddersfield should have a council contender named after Johnny Rotten.

2018 update: Mr Phillips is standing for the council again this year.

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