Where do I go from here?

I need to find some time to pause and reflect and prayerfully discern what and where my energies need to go. This blog has become something I never guessed it would be, and it is a little fractured. It is split between posts about autism and posts about Christianity.

Calling all autistic adults in Kirklees.
There is a new Autistic Adults Social Club
Every third Friday of the month 9:30 - 12:30
For all autistic Adults, with or without a diagnosis
Play games
Make friends
Peer support
Brian Jackson House
2 North Parade

The image above shows something that is being tried in Huddersfield, it is more than just a social group, it aims to have trips out, the interests of autistic people are wide and varied, and also be a platform for self advocacy by the autistic people themselves or by other autistic people on their behalf. In the planning I demonstrated more social media and blogging experience than others there so it is possible I will be spinning another blog off from here.

The social media meeting is next Wednesday, 20th October. I could do with some guidance as to how to proceed.

Tell me what you think

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