Four goodbyes and a hello

Four goodbyes and a hello

Holy Trinity Church Huddersfield, Sunday 19 May 2019


I went to both morning services this morning.

You know how it is when you are involved in a service, you spend time thinking about what you are doing next, and not on the service itself. Just me? Never mind.

I was playing percussion in the later contemporary service so attended the early traditional one as well. I missed the beginning, having stopped on the way to remove two broken beer bottles which were on the pavement, the result of a typical Huddersfield Saturday night. Generations come and go, but Saturday nights remain the same.

In the second service we said goodbye to four of the students who have been worshipping with us whilst studying at the university. Their stories of faith and how we have helped them was inspiring. We also had a baptism, welcoming one of the youngest members of the congregation.

The rest of the service was the third in a series on mission. This was titled Tend (the next is Transform, we like alliteration in our service names) it was how simple things like taking round food for those who need it. One story was of a woman whose family was down to eating only chocolate digestive biscuits for two days when someone from the nearby church brought round a lasagna and an apple crumble. Later she set up a whole group of people to cook for the needy.

Showing God’s love for others is part of our mission.

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