Cycle Shopping

Cycle Shopping

My old blog can no longer be accessed.

Using the Wayback machine I am trying to save whatever can be saved, There are no images available for these old blogs.

This blog is from 5 May 2012

Diary of an accident victim
Part 57

Last week I went shopping.

Today I collected the fruits of my labours was collected.

A Trek 7.3 FX D fitted with mudguards and a carrier and toe clips and straps.

But less about the snappy name of the bike (it is more of a Doris to me) why did I chose this one?

Firstly it had what a slightly disabled cyclist needs, gears,  lots of them. When 8o% of the cycling is done with one foot something different is needed, except it isn’t really different. Out of the box it ticks all my needs, lots of gears, upright riding position to cope with urban riding (observation is everything) and the price was right. With discounts the assembled bike came in at under £500 which is a lot of bike for the money.

I could have had the bike delivered, but didn’t, choosing to ride it home instead. The proof of the bike is in the riding.

The first mile or so was level, but negotiating roundabouts keeps you on your toes.

The long drag up the hill from Leeds city to Gildersome was something else. Back in the day this was what I was good at. Keeping power on whilst climbing hills (like riding into headwinds) was my kind of riding. But with only having one good foot my cycling power is cut by almost half. Hills are now climbed in low gears and are slow.

Downhill is always better. In a 40 MPH area I kept up with the traffic somehow.

After 4 hills I was safely home. Verdict — it’s a very good bike, though I’m suffering from new-saddle-itis. I’d give Evans Cycles in Leeds the Nobel Prize. Or rather the no bell prize, the bell is the only thing missing.

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