37 and counting

37 and counting.

Today the Lovely Linda and I have been married for 37 years. We are still very happy together. Tonight we will be spending the evening and night at a location deep in the Pennines with a meal and possibly an odd gin or two.

Things never work out as you imagined. Having brought up 3 fabulous children to be responsible adults and seen them all married is the hardest, most frustrating and the most rewarding thing we have done. That went close to what was planned, though you can never plan on the personality of your offspring, from day one they were all their own people.

One hardship was that we spent our 25th anniversary with me with my leg in plaster, and I have needed at least a stick, and crutches for long distances/ standing time ever since.  Linda never imagined that carer would be part of the role of wife. She has coped with me with great magnitude.

So here’s to the next 37 years, may they be as happy and rewarding as the first.

Liverpool 2016.JPG
Here we are on Crosby beach, Merseyside, 2 years ago.


Linda and a Crosby beach resident.
Linda and a Crosby beach resident (Part of Anthony Gormley’s Another place)

** A typo in an early draft said we have been married for 37 tears. Whilst things have not always been plain sailing, that could not have been further from the truth.

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