Autism awareness and me

Autism awareness and me

Aspie mind


April is Autism awareness month, so in many of this month’s blogs I have mentioned directly how the issue I was talking about has affected or been affected by my Asperger’s Syndrome. Not that the others, are not affected this way, Asperger’s affects the way I think, so everything I write is affected implicitly if not explicitly from an autism spectrum mind. Asperger’s is me.

One great example of the Aspie mind from this month was when I was looking up the football results. Manchester City were playing Liverpool in the Champions League Quarter Final second leg. I support neither club but because Manchester City have Brazilian player Gabriel Jesus on their books, and Liverpool have Ivorian Mohamed Salah. As a joke I like to post the results of when these two clubs meet as Jesus v Mohamed.

If that isn’t an example of Aspie mind, I noticed the clash was being presented on social media using abbreviations, Manchester City being MCI and Liverpool LIV.

But I did not see the abbreviations as football clubs, I read MCI v LIV as 1101 5 54. Now that is definitely Aspie mind.

2 thoughts on “Autism awareness and me

  1. Ha ha. And there was me wondering how one Roman numeral could be pitted against another and what on earth that might mean…

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