Names of God – Part 4

Names of God – Part 4

El Elyon


It is only the fourth in the series on the names of God and already a pattern has started to appear. It is not just about what the name reveals about the nature of God, but God is to be worshipped for that also.

A quick recap: El means God the mighty one who gives us strength, Elah is the Aramaic form of God and Elohim is a plural form, and God invites us in.

But the El forms of the name of God are usually used in a compound form. The first I am looking at is El Elyon, the strong one.

Back in the early part of the Old Testament the idea of God being the only God had not yet developed, God did not reveal this until the time of the Assyrian invasion of Israel and the time of Hezekiah, King of Judah and the prophet Isaiah. Before that they took the gods of the other nations to be real and powerful.

But the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, revealed to Moses and through prophets was much stronger than that, God is the highest of the high, the strongest of the strong. Not just in the spiritual realm bey on earth too. There is nothing, not politicians and their policies, not thinkers and their philosophies, not armies and their weapons, nothing is greater than God the highest of the high. Trust him.

A Prayer:

God most high,
There is none in Heaven or on Earth greater than you.
You can never be defeated.
Help us to trust in you.

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