Double Guidance.

Guided by God, Circumstantial signs

Holy Trinity Church, Huddersfield, Sunday 29th September 2019

Umbrellas in the church entrance

Back again at Holy Trinity Church after last week’s excursion to Harrogate. I left immediately after the service and had another Harrogate trip. The world road cycling championships were still on, so I was back to see the end of the last race.

As far as the weather was concerned, for both church and the cycling, it was wet, very wet. Not the usual autumnal changeableness, but constant rain, fortunately, I have waterproof clothing.

I arrived at church in time for the last hymn of the first service, then after it had finished I checked the percussion I was playing was set up right and that the microphones were working.

During the service, we commissioned Val, our new music leader, and heard how she, an Argentinian had heard about a position in a Northern English church whilst living in Mexico. 

The sermon by Vicar Mike,  the last in the series on being Guided by God, was on Acts 16:6&ndashl15 He introduced it as Thinking like a Christian The sermon contained Mike’s story of how he became Vicar here in Huddersfield, but before he got to that he talked about three different people from the part of the Bible we were looking at.

Timothy is young, He’s a timid guy, a weak guy. Paul recommends that he takes a little wine for his stomach.

Lydia was a woman and had independent wealth,

The woman oppressed by a spirit had it cast out by Paul.

God called all sorts of people. Ephesians 2:10 says that you are God’s masterpiece, God thinks you are great and has things for you to do.

Circumstances. What has led us to where we are now. Paul was prevented by the Holy Spirit from going West so they were forced to take a detour North of several hundred miles and they ended up in Troas. Here Paul has a vision calling them to go to Macedonia. The Spirit stops saying no and starts saying Yes.

Double Guidance: God often says no because there is a better yes. We cannot see the whole story, we do not know the whole of what is going on. The circumstances are part of a broader way.

Spiritual warfare: God works for Good in all things for those who love him. Romans 8:28 The bad things are still bad but God can take it and bring good out of it. We are called to a whole life relationship with God. God can transform the darkness you are in and bring light from it.


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