My day off from church: cycling, coffee and cats

My day off from church: cycling, coffee and cats

On Sundays I usually attend church and on Mondays blog about it, good or bad. This week I had a Sunday off.

The reason was this:


The start and the finish of the final day of the Tour de Yorkshire, starting from the picturesque setting of the Piece Hall in Halifax and ending outside Leeds Art Gallery.

The journey was all done by bus. I have an elderly persons bus pass and my wife bought a day ticket. A very inexpensive day. We were not the only ones with this in mind, other members of our congregation turned up at the bus stop.

The plan for the day was simple. Watch the race build up from the Piece Hall, have lunch. Bus to Leeds, a snack and coffee then over to the big screen in Millennium Square and the race finish.

The meal was what was on the menu as a Yorkshire Wrap. Roast meat and veg wrapped in a Yorkshire pudding. Followed by a drink from Gin Lane.

The bus to Leeds was by changing at Bradford. The service was infrequent because it was a Sunday and also disrupted, the disruption being the cycle race we were watching. Once In Leeds the coffee and cake was in Kitty Café, an establishment with 23 cats around the place and decent cake and coffee. A relaxing hour among the felines then the race finish.

I leave you with pictures from Kitty Café.

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