Goodbye social cycling

(sorry about the self-pity)

Well I tried.

I tried riding with Huddersfield’s Cyclist Touring Club (or should that be Cycling UK, they’ve re-branded) and I have failed.

Failed to keep up.

Failed to enjoy the ride.

Since the diagnosis with type 2 diabetes I have found the nausea that builds up through this level of exercise too much. I have to admit it, I’m too ill and old for this level of fitness. The level of fitness to keep up with Cycling UK people. It isn’t as if they are a racing club or anything, they are a social club, but I cant be social when I’m several hundred yards off the back.

Diabetes on top of an arthritis, on top of rib and lung pain – it has become too much.

So it is goodbye to social cycling. Instead I’ll be riding alone at a very gentle pace.

(This post deserves a picture of the ride, but I was feeling unwell and forgot to use the camera in the smartphone.)

2 thoughts on “Goodbye social cycling

  1. I could do a gentle ride, especially if there is coffee somewhere along the route. I’m off to Hamburg by bike, that will take e a couple of weeks but lets go out when I get back in July.

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