I saw a man talking to himself last Saturday.

It was just outside Huddersfield bus station at 12.30 in the early afternoon. I thought it was a little early for being drunk, until I had got passed. He was not staggering and tucked behind his left ear was a hearing aid. I wonder if he realised he was audible.

Which just goes to show how easy it is to judge someone.

Deafness is just one of a number of hidden disabilities. People could be partially sighted, have mobility issues which do not show themselves by the need for sticks or other walking aids,  have psychiatric issues, either long term or, hopefully, short term like depression. Then there are psychological issues like ADHD and autism spectrum disorders and things like diabetes which can limit the amount of exercise someone can take.

That list is not exhaustive. There are many more. Even someone who has some of the above conditions can fall into the trap, as I did with Huddersfield-Bus-Station-Man. There are plenty of reasons why people may not act like the majority, I have been known to be a little eccentric at times myself.

So please do not judge people who do not act the way you do.

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