Matthew’s Passion: Association with robbers

Matthew's Passion: Association with robbers 40 Blogs of Lent: 33 Matthew 27:32-44 Who was Simon, the man from Cyrene who was made to carry Jesus' cross. That someone should ne named in the story in all three synoptic Gospels is strange. Stranger still is that Mark's Gospel should also mention Simon's sons Rufus and Alexander. …

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Matthew’s Passion: Where did the crowd come from?

A crowd had gathered, a substantial crowd, a crowd that was large enough to cause a riot that the Roman garrison stationed in Jerusalem would not have been able to easily contain. This crowd was looking increasingly nasty. They had already chosen the release of a notorious criminal and condemned an innocent man in his place. But what perplexes me is where this crowd came from.

Matthew’s Passion: The cross is justice

Matthew's Passion: Barabbas 40 Blogs of Lent: 27 Matthew 27:15-23 Matthew's Pasion is told through a series of encounters between people. Enter a new character, Barabbas. But the real encounter here is a stand off between Pilate, the Roman governor, and the plotters against Jesus, who are From the Sanhedrin, the religious and political local …

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