The day the donkey went to church

Family service at Holy Trinity Huddersfield, the theme was holidays, and people were asked to come dressed as they would on holiday. So the human brought me. I spent the service looking out at the congregation from a music stand (the human was playing percussion and other things)  what a sight. Unfortunately he took no pictures of the congregation, take my word for it, it was colourful.

But here’s me and the instruments.DSCF4084

There’s a donkey at the church already, in one of the windows, here we are together.DSCF4085

Then after the service we did what the preacher told us to…
…well sort of.

We wre told that the sabbaths, Sundays, are supposed to be a time of refreshment and rest. Which is what the humans did. Down to the pub-in-the-station, the Head of Steam, for the Jazz lunch.

Jazz. Nice.DSCF4088


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