Go west

English: A geostationary orbit (or Geostationa...
English: A geostationary orbit (or Geostationary Earth Orbit – GEO) is a geosynchronous orbit directly above the Earth’s equator (0° latitude), with a period equal to the Earth’s rotational period and an orbital eccentricity of approximately zero. An object in a geostationary orbit appears motionless, at a fixed position in the sky, to ground observers. http://weelookang.blogspot.com/2010/07/ejs-open-source-geostationary-satellite.html (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Bible and geography.

Its simple really. Wise men came from the east (Matthew 2:1) so the must have travelled west. They did so because they saw a star at its rising (Matthew 2:9). Like the sun and the moon, stars rise in the east, this is because of the direction of the earth’s rotation, so the wise men saw the star rise in the east and set out in the opposite direction. In fact everything, including planets and Whatever brought them to Jerusalem, it was not Following yonder star.

The first image obtained from a GOES satellite...
The first image obtained from a GOES satellite. These satellites are put in geostationary orbit over 22, 000 miles from Earth and continuously monitor a significant portion of a hemisphere of the Earth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then they see the star again, and it acts in a very un-starlike way. It leads them south. Everything in the night sky in the northern hemisphere circles the pole star, which is situated due north. A celestial body to the south would be tracking slowly west,  This is as true for the moon, or planets or comets as it is for stars, though in the two to three hours it would have taken to travel down from Jerusalem to Bethlehem  it would have tracked something in the area as 15 to 20 degrees, that makes it possible to follow it, but to come to rest it would have to be either something in a geostationary orbit, but that would need to be 22,000 miles high, or something in the earth’s atmosphere.

At this point writings such as this hen fly off into all kinds of directions to decide what the Star of Bethlehem was. This is different, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever.

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