The political gospel

Yesterday I mentioned that the Gospel was political. Jesus did not hold back on speaking on political issues. I don’t think the conservatives of he time would have liked what he said about helping the poor – what he said about money would not please them much either. (that is conservatives with a small c – I’m not talking about the Conservative Party.)

On the othr hand some of the things he said about personal morality would have the conservatives overjoyed and the liberals complaining.

It is political, but not necessarily party political. Not that Christian should not be involved in Party Politics. But we should not be surprised if their political stance varies greatly, how you decide whether the social side of the gospel is more important than the environmental side. Or whether the moral side is more important than either. Party politics are the way that politics are one these days: If you are to be political the best way to be effective is through a party.

Whichever way we look at it Christians who are involved in politics need our support and prayers. Of course there is still a debate to be had within Christianity as to what the political repercussions of the gospel is. But that is not an excuse not to support a fellow Christian who is involved in politics – even if they are a socialist and you support UKIP.

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