Off to church and a couple of old cyclists.

A busy weekend at least for the humans.


After lunch the humans popped down the church, two of their friends, were having a service renewing their wedding vows.

Then off to Dewsbury, where there was a free outdoor show (the best sort) The story of the rivalry of two Italian cyclists in an overhead production. Singers dancers and even cyclists were suspended from a giant crane alongside Dewsbury to tell the story of te rivalry of the cyclists Bartali and Coppi. It looked like this – there wasn’t enough light to take anything that wasn’t iluminated.

2014-04-12 20.35.25

2014-04-12 20.49.54 2014-04-12 20.36.22

Palm Sunday

Off to church again. As a donkey in church I became a visual aid, the Vicar’s daughter adopted me for the duration of the service so I got to go out and play rather than sit through a sermon. Phew, got away with it.

Later in the afternoon the humans were off again, but they have already blogged about that.



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