The Role that Prayer Plays in Spiritual Growth

We are about to enter Advent, a time of preparation for Christmas.

What better way to prepare than to pray.

Anyone care join me in doing this> Here’s the plan I’ll be following…


Over the last week or so, it seems that every post on this blog has dealt with spiritual growth and its importance in daily life, even when it hasn’t been specifically mentioned.  In thinking about this, it occurs to me that it is one thing to harp on personal spiritual growth, but for many people who really isn’t very helpful unless you tell them how to get started on the journey.  Of course for many others, who are farther down the road, beginning steps may not be necessary, yet it never hurts to review and see another’s methods; maybe even the mature Christian can take away an idea…

So, I am re-blogging the following from a post on this blog last November…

Prayer: The Fundamental Activity of the Christian Life

Important Note: This is a discussion of individual prayer only. This is not intended to imply that corporate prayer…

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