Love can be seen

Love can be seen.

40 blogs of Lent, day 5

PembaYesterday (Sunday 14 February) was one of the good services at Holy Trinity Huddersfield.

I say one of the good services, they are all good services, even the ones you don’t realise are good at the time.

We started of with praying for two of our congregation who are taking up positions with the University Student Union.

Then it got better, Ruth spoke.

Ruth Donaldson is a missionary with Iris International, working in The Village of Joy, Pemba, Mozambique. She told of her work with boys between 5 and 16, how they would sneak off to the beach when they should not, and be caught out because they would not fully wash the sand off their feet.

It was good to see the pictures she brought (which unfortunately I do not have access to) to be able to put faces to names we have being praying for, and those amazing smiles on those faces.

Other than the reminisces and pictures this has stayed with me, from what Ruth said: Love can be seen. It is what you do that demonstrates that you love.

Thank you Ruth.

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