Or did he say 40? No I’m sure it was 40%

Even if it was 40, out of 150 it is a significant number, over 26%.

That is the number of Psalms which are laments.

I can remember the other number, the number of lamenting songs out of the most popular 150 Christian songs used in worship. I guessed one. I was being generous. The actual answer was 0. Nil Zilch.

That was our sermon. He was talking about Psalm 88. The darkest of all the Psalms.

This is not what you’d expect from an Evangelical Anglican Church on a Sunday morning. We’re supposed to be happy and clappy. (Yes we are the sort of Church that claps).

You see our sermons over the next few weeks are on the psalms, the different sorts of psalms, we covered psalms of praise last week, what you’d expect from a church like ours. But this week it was something darker, laments — based on Psalm 88 the darkest of the dark.


The above was written last week, I started writing, but could find no way to finish — I had a few drafts of where to go, but none seemed to come to a conclusion. I like a good conclusion to a blog, especially if it a rambling train of thought thing. (How can a train of thought ramble? Dont trains tave to stay on rails?)

This week it was Psalms of thankfulness. Psalm 136 was the theme, the text was the repeated line, “His steadfast love endures for ever.”

Same series, different theme, different preacher.

One thing that was said was that a preacher knows for being thankful, once, at the end of a difficult week, started with, “I thank you God that things are not always as bad as this.”

My mind went right back to the previous week. Then we were encouraged to cry out to God even when we think he is absent. My problem is that with chronic conditions such as diabetes and arthritis it is always as bad as this. Pain every day? Check. Unable to do things through fatigue after work. Check. This is as good as it gets.

And it is good. I have not got any worse in over a year, which is a big success. I can thank God for that, and I do. But I am still in the darkness. But so is God.

Even in dark times, even when things are not going to get better. God is there with us in the darkness. For that we can be thankful.

2 thoughts on “88+

  1. Yep. That’s about it. One thing I like about the Psalms. They cover the whole of the human condition.

    (As an aside, my youngest daughter was very fond of taking Thomas the Tank Engine for a little ramble off the rails…)

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