Thomas? That’s doubtful 

St Swithin’s Walcot, Bath

Sunday 26 March 2017

Not the UK usual blog for a Sunday in Lent as Linda and I were in Bristol and Bath for a long weekend. We visited the church where our Vicar in Huddersfield used to be Curate.

The sermon here was about the disciple Thomas, someone who is known as Doubting Thomas due to one slip. When he heard the other disciples say they had seen Jesus alive. He said that he would not believe until he had seen the Jesus and seen the wounds himself.

My impression of thhe sermon, having taken no notes, has two remembered points. The first was to ask, was Thomas doubting God or simply doubting the disciples? Looking back through the times Thomas was mentioned in John’s Gospel it looks like Thomas’s faith in God was strong.

Second was Thomas’s faith on seeing Jesus alive. “My Lord and my God,” he said. Some people need to work things out for themselves, but after that become strong in faith. We should encourage them to do that.

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