God can’t use me

God can’t use me

An excuse I am used to hearing. If comes from those who think you have to be especially holy or spiritual. God uses big S saints, the special ones.

Well that is wrong. Absolutely totally wrong. Because if God waited to use the holy, spiritual special ones he’d be waiting a long time. I know this because God has used me. That’s right, me, the autistic one, the one who messes up because I can’t tell from someones body language if they are hurt, or if I have gone on for too long. (I always hurt people and go on for too long.) I am no good in a counselling session. How can God use someone as insensitive as me? Yet he does, not because I am holy or super spiritual, but because I was the one that was available.

Are you available to God?

Then one day someone comes to you and says, “That thing you said to me years ago really helped me.” Of course you have no idea what they are talking about. Most people do not keep track of all their conversations. But things can have a greater significance than you thing when God is involved.

Are you available?

On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit chose Peter to speak. Peter the coward. Peter who had three times denied Jesus. Peter who said things impetuously, then regretted it. Peter was the last person I’d choose to speak boldly. But Peter was available, and Peter stood up with the eleven and was bold. Yes Peter the coward was bold: Th Holy Spirit could move through him because he was available.

Are you available?

Sometimes I wonder if what I am saying is making sense. The Aspie mind can play tricks on itself. This is one of those days.If the above did not make sense to you, this is the short version: Jesus loves you and wants the best for you, but to receive his best for you you have to be available.

Are you available?

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