Le Tour de Yorkshire

My old blog balaam.wibsite.com can no longer be accessed.

Using the Wayback Machine I am trying to save whatever can be saved, There are no images available for these old blogs.

This blog is from 17 January 2013

Le Tour de Yorkshire

This is about the Tour de France Grand Départ in Leeds. The Tour de Yorkshire race had not been named at the point I blogged this,

Le Grand Départ

This evening, in Leeds City Centre the route of the first two stages of the Tour de France were announced to crowds braving the cold and the snow. This is what Leeds Town Hall looked like this:

Images are no longer available

The route means that on the Sunday the route comes about 200 yards from my door in Huddersfield, and I’ll not be there. I’ll be 12 miles away on the upper slopes of Holme Moss. Who wants to see cyclists flash past in a few seconds going downhill when you can see the look of pain on their faces up close as they struggle up the climb.

Details of the route can be found on the BBC.

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