Homeward bound

I’m sitting in a bus station (with apologies to Paul Simon).

Not even that, we waited at the Weatherspoon’s down the road. But before I tell the story of a bus ride there’s a last couple of days in Whitby to talk about.

What no roof (reprise)


The abbey at the top of the hill is an interesting place, They tell me it is the third abbey to be built on this site, and was started around the thirteenth century, You’d have thought they’d have got it finished by now, but like Pickering Castle we saw on Wednesday it doesn’t look finished. No roof and no windows must be a Yorkshire tradition.

What’s that? It had a roof and was destroyed in the 16th Century?

How was I to know that? I’m only a little donkey. I don’t do history.

The coast has history too. when the tide goes out you can be walking on the fossils of curly sea things. When the tide is in you’d get wet.

Sunny side of the street

All week the humans tried tried to get a picture of the sunsetting into the sea. They tell me this is a rare sight in the east coast, but as this bit of the coast is almost north facing it is possible for a few days. All week there has been too much cloud, so on the last day they had to do with this:


The Amazing Spiderdress

So that’s it, except for the display in a shop of the dress used for the premier of the film The Amazing Spiderman. The dress is a copy, but the broach and web decoration is silver with Whitby jet and diamond set on it. Don’t know how she was supposed to sit down wearing it.



In a hole

And so to home.

The bus route took us past Horcum Hole, Some say it is a meteor crater some say glacial action, legends say either it was a giant that scooped it out, or it was the Devil’s punchbowl. I don’t know I don’t do history, and this is older than history, so take your pick, or make up your own.Image

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