On the rails

Ross (again)

Yesterday we took a train trip. But before that I’ve been looking at this Ross Noble guy who the humans won’t stop talking about.

I have found his Twitter account, and it looks like everything he did was for a TV show he’s making, organised through social networking sites (as well as being recognised eating in Wetherspoons). The humans could be on the telly. (the big one is arrogant enough to want to. **sigh** )

One thing he wanted to do was spraytan a goth. Don’t know if he managed that.


Steam and mythical creatures.

But back to our holiday. The humans took me on a train. The old sort. The fire breathing smoke belching whistle blowing sort of train that used to be a common sight half a century ago. The sort where soot sticks to your fur when you go through a tunnel (the stupid humans thoughtlessly left the window open). I think there must be a dragon hiding in the locomotive.

Humans really want to ride on these travelling museums, which is odd, because you can’t see the locomotive when you are sat in the train. And humans complain that donkeys are stupid – I love the irony.

I felt like a celebrity. When the train was stopped in Grosmont station someone on a train on another platform actually came down their train just to take a picture of me sat on my table. Watch out, the paparazzi are about.


Building repairs

At the end of the ride was the market town of Pickering. They have a castle, and I was let free for a short canter around the grounds. They could have looked after it though, the roof is missing and the walls are broken down in places. Apart from that the town is very nice.


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