Ross who?

Storm Cottage


The problem with renting a place with the name Storm Cottage is that the weather might live up to the name. Which is what happened on Sunday. For once being carried around in a bag in the dark was not so bad. At least I was dry. The humans were damp – moist at best.


Robin Hood was not here


Then the winds dropped. Monday was off to the small village of Robin Hood’s Bay. All that sand and no donkeys, I’m glad I was there to rectify that. No one knows why the village is named after Robin Hood, but there seems to be no connection with the outlaw from Barnsdale and Kirklees.


Ross Who?


In the evening the humans thoughtlessly left me behind again. And went out to do whatever it is that humans do on an evening. I don’t know what it is, but it impairs their ability to walk properly or talk quietly. Stupid apes.


They came back, taking loudly as usual, saying something about Ross Noble being filming in the town. Ross who? Never heard of him. Why can’t they meet a real star like Donkey from Shrek​? Then I’d be impressed. Whoever he is he has got an impressive mane though.


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