…and drink.

Food 1Food 2
The Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival to be exact, which is an imaginatively named festival celebrating food and drink in Huddersfield. Bet you didn’t guess that from the title.

Friday evening was the second evening, and the first of the late night events — the food and drink (mostly beer and cider as it got later) was on until ten-o-clock. As were two rock bands.

But first the food:Band 1

Finding a seat was the hard part, once there it was a point of waiting for someone to get the food.

The human was unbelievably cruel. With me here he had a zebra burger from the exotic meats stand. Doesn’t he know zebras and donkeys are related. I was traumatised. So was he. There was a lot of very hot chilli sauce on it so he suffered. Twice. Hee hee.

And there was music. The first one was a punk band and the content of some of the songs was inappropriate for a public square at 7 in the evening with lots of young children around. Shame, because they were good, but not for this audience.

Band 2 Helter Skelter

The secong band was far more appropriate for a square in a town centre. A covers back, starting off with the poppier end of rock music becoming rockier as the night went on, with lot’s of sing along songs. That is the sort of thing that goes down very well. Well done Helter Skelter.

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