Snapshots from Twitter.

I follow the Fresh Expressions Twitter Feed.

Today they have been tweeting live from Edinburgh Vision Day, the first vision day since the Church of Scotland joined Fresh Expressions.

I don’t know much of what has been said, watching twitter from a distance (of over 200 miles),  but these are the tweets:

To carry on as usual in a changing world is to carry on fading away. Graham Cray (Edinburgh vision day)

Just doing what we have always done is a commitment to decline. Graham Cray (Edinburgh vision day)

This Australian road sign is a warning to the church: Choose your rut carefully – you will be in it for the next 200 miles. Graham Cray

The church in Britain is not condemned to inevitable decline. Graham Cray (Edinburgh vision day)

Does church have to be the way it is? John Drane (Edinburgh vision day)

Because we are often defined by our battles we can have a general suspicion of other ways of being church. J Drane (Edinburgh vision day)

Recent research suggests under 35s are more likely than older people to regard themselves as spiritual. John Drane (Edinburgh vision day)

The people who are going to make a difference are not professionals but ordinary Christians empowered to do extraordinary things. J Drane

90% of Scots cannot engage with the way we do church today. John Drane (Edinburgh vision day)

It’s hard to tell from such brief snapshots exactly what was said, and even less what was meant. But I think they offer scope for thought.


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