More on Snapshots from Twitter

About amonth ago I republished a few tweets by Fresh Expressions from the Edinburgh vision day.

But what to do with this data?

It is all very well saying, “To carry on as usual in a changing world is to carry on fading away.” or, “Just doing what we have always done is a commitment to decline.” (Both Graham Cray.) But how does that apply to a church such as ours? Although our church has no choir, we have a number of people who sing in choirs and choral societies. This is Huddersfield after all.

So how do we have a form of worship that moves forwards without alienating those whose musical taste is on the traditional side. It can’t be a case of throwing out the organ: Our organ is a magnificent instrument.

But we also have children, youths and young parents, not all of whom would cite traditional church music as their favourite. What is he way forward? Who knows? But it should be fun finding out.

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