Rhubarb all the way.

What would you think of a pork and rhubarb sausage?

Or maybe a pork and rhubarb pie is more to your liking?

Or a hamburger with rhubarb and orange chutney washed down with a  rhubarb cider, or a rhubarb mojito, whilst looking at a flower arrangement made of tulips and rhubarb.?

No this is not the Monty Python updating their famous Spam sketch. These are some of the real thing which were available today at the Wakefield Food, Drink and Rhubarb festival.  The city at the centre of the rhubarb triangle (yes, it is a real place) is celebrating the local crop.


It was a good day out in the winter sunshine, starting with art: A visit to the Hepworth gallery. Then into the city centre for a bite to eat at the festival site around the cathedral. After visiting the cathedral it was back to more food, drink and rhubarb.

It is still on tomorrow (Sunday 23 February) for those who wish to visit. Just head for the cathedral, the spire is high enough, you don’t need directions. And for those who don’t like rhubarb, don’t worry: There’s a lot of things available that don’t contain it. Rhubarb is not compulsory.

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