Killed by one punch…

Two things I have blogged about.

Cycling and Asperger’s.

Well not so much Asperger’s, only one previous blog on that.

But the two came together in an article in Metro, Wednesday 26th February and on the letters page the following day. The story was bout the light sentence a man had receives for killing another man. The dead man had complained that his killer’s friend was cycling on the pavement. The dead man had Aspergers.

Now I’m not going to comment on the sentence, or that the paper fails to report if the verdict was murder of manslaughter. But it is possible that the victim reacted to a simple thing like cycling on a pavement in a way that would be seen by most as being over the top.  I say posible because all I have to go on is a poorly written newspaper article, and not a very long one at that. But a reaction like that would be consistent with a condition like Asperger’s.

But even if the victim’s reaction to a cyclist on the pavement was out of proportion with the offence it still does not excuse excuse the attacker.

I can’t find the story from Metro, but here’s another source.

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