What’s so penitential about fish?

Thursday night, my wife, Linda, and I ate at the Loch Fyne fish restaurant in Leeds. I had potted mackerel followed by hake with tomato salsa. Linda had tempura soft shell crab followed by grilled bream. Well it is a fish restaurant.

Processed by: Helicon Filter;The food was as good as anything I’ve eaten.

Which got me thinking of the fish on Friday thing the catholics (both Roman and Anglo-) do. Why is fish thought of as being penitential. Where is the self denial in eating something which you enjoy as much as meat?

3 thoughts on “What’s so penitential about fish?

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  2. Cat

    Catholics haven’t done fish on Fridays since I was a girl! The idea wasn’t that you ate fish but rather that you abstained from meat. Once fish became as expensive as meat, or meat as cheap as fish, it was no longer an act of self denial , so they scrapped it.

    1. The Anglo Catholics of my previous church must have been a more traditional lot than their Roman Catholic counterparts. This is often the case.

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