Leeding the way

Yes, not a typo. It’s all about Leeds, the former capital of the Celtic kingdom of Elmet. I took the short train ride to there on Thursday.


The humans dined at Lock Fyne and ate fish. Fish, why? What’s wrong with hay and some carrots? The human has blogged about it. The restaurant is in City Square, so called because it is triangular. The picture above is Dr Hook, guarding the entrance to the restaurant and looking nothing like his picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone. I have no idea who the statue of the woman is, but I suspect it could be Sylvia’s mother.


They seem to like cycling in Leeds, except that there don’t seem to be many cyclists. But there is an interesting milestone on the canal about the National cycling network. And two of the people from the Local BBC News Harry Gration and Amy Garcia are raising money by cycling the course of the first two days of the Yorkshire stages of the Tour de France in July on a tandem. They are taking rather longer than the Tour. On Friday they set off from outside Leeds Town Hall.


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