8 years of pain

8 years ago last Friday was the day of the accident. The accident that left me with arthritis and constant pain. I say that the accident left me with arthritis, the official version is that there was no way of saying that the foot would not develop arthritis in the six years from the accident, so I could not be compensated.

Mum has arthritis in her fingers, so there is a family history, but it is well over six years and no arthritis has started anywhere else so I reckon that the arthritis must have been impact caused.

There have been issues. I’d be the first to admit I have not always taken things stoically. I have been difficult. Very difficult at times. Sorry. It’s because I hadn’t realised the important thing.

When you have some of your mobility taken away it is like a bereavement. You mourn your mobility, you need to grieve. Even when, like in my case it is slight,  I can still get around, I just need to stop to rest/let the pain subside more often. That goes for the cycling too.

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