28 churches

That is the number of churches I see on my commute.

(Yes I was bored, you have to find something to do on the daily train ride.)

firsttranspennineAnd that is just what I see on the train from Huddersfield to Leeds plus the three on the bus ride into town. There could be more, those without steeples and towers I did not count so there are also a lot of buildings that looked like non conformist chapels not counted.

So what does it mean? Not a lot probably, except that it shows the level of Christianity in Northern England. Or at least the level it used to be. But even if some of these buildings are under used or little used this still shows that church decline is not what some make it out to be. One of the unused churches I pass closed because it was at the opposite side of a busy main road. They built a new building in the estate, and out of sight from the railway.

What I know is that the church is nowhere near as dead as people think it is.

What I also know I have a lot of spare time on my hands commuting.

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