A little light reading.

Over to the dark side.

For a bit of fun I like reading blogs by the militant Atheists. It keeps me on my toes when thinking about God.

This one made me smile. The whole tone of the piece is so wide of the mark as to be laughable. People who write things like this may think may think they are making a valid contribution to the fight against Christianity. There is a figure of speech for this, which ironically is preaching to the choir. Their fellow atheists will pat them on the back and then go and say something similar. And so it goes on, self perpetuating.

Why it misses the point.

The point is if they are looking at it back to front.

We don’t believe in Jesus because of what we read in the Bible, we believe the Bible because we believe in Jesus.

And the Bible isn’t a text book anyway. It contains history, and law, and poetry, and hyperbole, and satire and a whole lot of other literary styles. When reading history we should treat it as history. When reading law we should treat it as law. When reading poetry we should read it as poetry, and so on.  And all the time taking into account the societies into which the Bible stories were written.

There are a few Christians who will read everything as literal. But it is a small part of Christianity.

Not all Christians are Protestant. The Roman Catholics and Orthodox have the most members worldwide.

Not all Protestants are Evangelical, not all evangelicals are conservative evangelicals and not all conservative evangelicals are fundamentalists. These taking a few verses attacks are aiming at a small minority.

If any of the atheists are reading this my message to you is keep on writing these kinds of articles. It keeps me amused.

5 thoughts on “A little light reading.

  1. Thank you! I’m so pleased you enjoyed the post and it inspired you to reflect on the utility of the Bible, and the range of interpretations that are available.

  2. We will…and don’t worry, we have been laughing at your nonsensical religion for a long time.
    Eventually future generations will merely scratch their heads and wonder why people like you were so daft.
    I just hope your kids are free of it.

  3. We don’t believe in Jesus because of what we read in the Bible, we believe the Bible because we believe in Jesus.

    Here you are actually lying. Without the bible you wouldn’t believe in a Jesus. You can’t run away from that fact however hard you try.
    And why take issue with members of the choir patting each others back? Does this hurt you

    1. Yes, which came first, the chicken or the egg?

      But I think you are missing the point and tone of what I wrote, First it was meant to be more light hearted, I could even be helping the atheists to engage with what the majority of Christians believe rather than a caricature.

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